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Quality First

With ten years of experience in commercial construction, Criterion Contracting prioritizes quality as its #1 service. Criterion, by definition, is a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided upon. Our team rigorously assesses each project to ensure it achieves the highest possible standard of delivery. Creativity and advanced technologies set Criterion at the forefront of the commercial and industrial sectors.

Criterion Contracting

Expertise in Action

Criterion has a vast commercial construction skill set. Bundling multiple scopes together allows us to serve customers in multiple facets. The executive team has worked on some of the most significant projects in the Western United States. This skill set will be passed on to every project, no matter the size.

Services Statement

At Criterion Construction, we are a self-performed commercial construction subcontractor with a portfolio as diverse as the markets we live and work in. With a wide range of solutions and services for our valued clients, we ensure we exceed customers' expectations. Our team is ready for our progress to be judged at any given time, before completion, and at completion.