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Criterion Construction is one of the most reputable contracting services in the United States of America. Criterion provides services for metal stud prefabrication, metal studs, acoustic systems, doors/frames/hardware, and much more.
Criterion was founded in Reno, Nevada, in August of 2023. Criterion is proud to recognize that a significant amount of our business is from our repeat customers. A modern approach gives the customers and employees the time for creativity and pre-planning of the project to ensure successful completion.
The start of Criterion’s team experience began in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2014. Our aim is that every challenge will be accepted, understood, and executed by us. The execution of our work has been and continues to be without sacrificing integrity, safety, and quality. As a women-owned business, we proudly represent women in the construction industry. Our customers choose Criterion Construction because of our drive for communication, our mutual desire to work safely, and our quality. Our drive for reputation aligns with the phrase: Nothing sells our work like our work.

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Associate Project Engineer

Criterion offers an Associate Project Engineer Program which promotes your talents. The dynamic position gives the control of projects with oversight from senior management. This program has a detailed list of experiences throughout the business to provide a full understanding of pre-construction, operation, and administration.

Construction Management Internships

With the vast resources in our hands here at Criterion, we provide the opportunity to see the entire specialty construction industry we operate in. This program encourages each intern to monitor and work hands-on with each person here at Criterion.

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